Meinrad C. Perler, who founded Agriloro SA, has always stayed closely in touch with his agricultural roots. Son of a farmer, born and raised in canton Fribourg, at age 25 he moved to Ticino to work in another profession. When he acquired Tenimento dell’Ör, a very old estate in Arzo, in 1981, he began his return to the land. The estate is mentioned in old documents as one of the most important vineyards in Mendrisiotto. After acquiring it, Meinrad C. Perler initially set the winery on a path where the focus was on renewing the vineyard and developing a cellar of traditional regional wines. As time went on, his love for experimentation and innovation, developed over time, began to wield greater influence. Reiner Zierock, a German agronomist and researcher, worked closely with the company for several years, making a significant contribution to both the vineyard and winemaking in the cellar. Another important step was taken in 2002 with the purchase of La Prella, a winery in Genestrerio, one of the communes that make up Mendrisio. The winery, to the greatest possible extent, uses natural methods that respect the environment and the plants. Much of the production and almost all specialty wines are barrel-oaked. The winery in 1989 also purchased a barrel room for aging the wines, inside Monte Generoso.